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The pros and cons of installing windows in your doors

Mar. 24, 2022

While we are all slaves to aesthetics, when windows and doors are combined into a beautiful piece of architecture, it may be time to start thinking about security rather than style.

Deciding whether or not you should include windows in your front door and garage door design is a question many homeowners grapple with, and each has a range of pros and cons.

Hopefully, knowing these will help you and your family make the best choice for your home.

 windows on the doors

Why you should have windows on your doors

There are many reasons why you should choose to install a door with a window. Check out the following most popular incentives for such doors.

● The added lighting will illuminate your home, even at the entrance. In a typical house with solid doors, lights and overhead lights must be used to make the first impression of the house not dark and gloomy.

● The chances of being the nicest house on the block increase dramatically. Doors with windows, especially those with painted or special glass, are often considered the most attractive entrances.

● On garage doors, it increases the visibility of normally dark areas.

● It can serve as a great peephole. If you have a window you can peek through, you don't need a peephole that barely works!

● It may help your home appreciate in value, especially if these windows are a traditional aspect of the home and retain some of its previous history.


Reasons to consider solid wood doors

Sometimes, doors with windows are not a good choice. Here are some reasons why you may prefer solid wood doors.

● Since every car that passes by can clearly see your entryway, you are lowering your privacy level. It may not be the most vulnerable place, but it's important to some people.

● More hot and cold air escaping your home and affecting your heating bill. If these windows are not as insulated and tight as others, then you will also risk trying to heat the exterior.

● Another weakness that can hinder your security plan. If not enforced, doors and windows can be damaged enough to allow an arm to slide in and only unlock the door. It may seem cliché, but there's a reason it's a method often used in burglaries.

With garage doors, anyone can now just look into an attractive storage space and find out what you have. Or, when you avoid them, they'll just see your car and know you're home.

● The risk of having to replace the windows on your door (either the front door or the garage) is greater due to frequent moves. Regular maintenance and inspections should be performed to avoid breakage or breakage that could be dangerous to those living in the home.


Choosing Skyland Door & Window for your home

If you want to keep the glass panels on your doors and windows, despite the drawbacks, not everything will be lost. You can find ways to reinforce the glass, solve any problems affecting your home, and keep that beautiful window.

At Skyland Door & Window, we'll make sure your home is the house of your dreams, and we have what it takes to make that happen, windows and all. Contact us for more information. 


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